How Can I Join TeamB?

TeamB membership is by invitation only. In order to be invited, a forum member has to participate heavily in the forums, answer questions about products accurately, and have a good understanding of the meaning of the phrase "customer service". Those users who wish to attempt to qualify for the Team do so out of their own initiative.

There is no published time frame for qualification, and neither Embarcadero nor TeamB members inform users that they are being considered for a possible invitation. When invited to join, a user has already demonstrated the stamina, reliability, and consistency required of a TeamB member. When a position becomes available Embarcadero Developer Support and TeamB name candidates. After a suitable period of open discussion in which both TeamB and Embarcadero actively participate, a vote is taken. While the vote does not have to be unanimous, no new member has ever joined the Team without a significant majority of votes.

Turnover in TeamB is low, and by the time someone has made a decision to retire, there are always candidates who have shown they have what it takes to join TeamB. Many of the members of TeamB have been around since the 1980s, when Borland was a small company, then with CodeGear and now with Embarcadero. This goes well beyond the common concept of "brand loyalty."

In short, if you want to join TeamB, just do as they do, and your number may come up!

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