What is TeamB?

If you've ever visited Embarcadero's discussion forums at forums.embarcadero.com , or visited the CompuServe forums dedicated to support of Embarcadero products before the forums opened, it's a foregone conclusion that you've seen posts from members of TeamB.

TeamB was created more than 10 years ago as an experiment in encouraging advanced users of Embarcadero products to answer other users' technical support questions. The original plan was deceptively simple:

  • Identify your most knowledgeable users.
  • Find those among them who most enjoy sharing their know-how.
  • Organize them into a team.
  • Offer them free product and benefits in return for their time.
  • Let them loose to answer other users' questions.

Today, the team is composed of a mixed group of people from backgrounds as varied as the industry itself; former university professors, project managers, hotshot developers, and consultants. More than ever, Embarcadero's community of users depends and relies on TeamB to receive timely and accurate answers to their questions. It is not uncommon to read a message in the forums thanking TeamB for solving a problem that was threatening to delay an important project or task.

Because TeamB members are not Embarcadero employees, they tend to be outspoken with their opinions on virtually all aspects of Embarcadero's presence in the market, including but not limited to product development, marketing, and support. Being, for the most part, developers themselves, TeamB shares the concerns of the developer community. If there is an issue of concern to the developer community, it has likely been brought to the attention of Embarcadero by TeamB.

Embarcadero greatly appreciates the excellent and skilled service TeamB provides on our product forums, and we hope you will too.

A Request from TeamB:

Due to the amount of time the members of TeamB spend in the forums while still earning their daily bread, they are unable to respond to technical questions via email. Technical questions are best directed to the appropriate forum. (Job offers and letters of appreciation, on the other hand, are more than welcome.) [G]

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